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Class Descriptions:

Restorative Movement:

A meditative practice with minimal weight bearing. The use of props helps the body and mind relax in a supportive way. This practice includes both passive + active stretching. Practices include a blend of somatic practices that help activate the parasympathetic nervous system for deep rest, joint mobility and natural movement, gentle hatha and yin yoga. Strength practices are non-weight bearing to help introduce core strength, improve balance and learn intelligent movement. Leave feeling restored and inspired. Welcoming all levels, those new to our studio or practice, and for anyone with injury or limitation.

Gentle Strength & Mobility:

A focused slow flow to help enhance internal stillness while challenging strength. This practice includes functional movement, spinal health and joint mobility, natural and developmental movement, hatha yoga, pelvic floor and core strength. Unwind tension, increase flexibility and breath awareness; this is a slow burn. Welcoming all levels. We encourage self modification and variations throughout this practice.

Core Strength & Flow:

Designed to challenge and energize. Awaken deep core muscles and build strength to enhance smooth and effortless transitions. This practice blends core balance, stability, engaged flexibility, and alignment with plyometrics, core synergistics and kenpo that improve balance, cardiovascular health, boosts stamina, helps tone the entire body and provides lively class engagement. Candid exploration of primal movement and advanced natural movement, stability and balance; including playful inversions and arm balancing. Steady and deep breath work enhance overall concentration creating a graceful and strong practice. Welcoming those with an intermediate to advanced practice.


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